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Michael Chekhov Acting Technique®
Michael Chekhov’s Acting Technique® focuses on the creative power of the imagination and the presence of the triple unity of man (thinking, sensing, acting). During the exercises, this not only activates abilities that the actor consciously uses, but also enriches his existing tools by revealing his hidden abilities.

About the Course

The Michael Chekhov Acting Technique® a practical tools to truly express his or her own abilities and individual creativity.

At the same time, it develops the actor’s conscious presence, creative willpower, and sensory ability.

This process activates all the known and unfamiliar abilities of the actor, bringing him beyond his own limits to a state of complete “naturalness”. Its effect is immediately perceptible.

The actor learns to trust his own inspirations and abilities. He sees everyone as a free artist.

One of its main tools is imagination - activating the imaginative power and creating the atmosphere. An actor can use an Imaginary Body or Psychophysical Gesture to create and learn about his character. This allows you to discover its movement, speech, feelings, and the world in which your character exists.

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